Pets Talk Ep 3 3/12/2020: The Gentle Giant Traci Kenworth – A Dash of Seasons

Pets Talk Ep. Three 3/11/2020: The Gentle Giant’s Tale Traci Kenworth Above the bean stalks, the gentle giant readied his ship. It looked like a buckle of boots, but it flew like a dream. Well, rather, a hiccup, maybe. Still, it got one where they were going. He checked his supplies. Canned cat food. Check. Water. Check. Cat treats. Empty. Wait. What? He searched again. Still nothing there. He was sure—           “Captain Snowball, permission to come aboard.” “Enter, Admedi.” “You left these behind.” She held out some Friskies Chicken & Waffle Treats. “I knew I misplaced them somewhere.” “Who would’ve thought? Two new flavors.” “Two?” “Didn’t you hear about the other one?” “Other?” Another voice shouted from below. “The cargo is waiting.” Snowball nodded. “Best be on my way then.” “Good luck, Sir.” He entered the cabin and closed the outer door. Soon, he shot into space. Off to Iscu, a small dessert planet on the outskirts of the Ard galaxy. Once he picked up the rebel princess, they cruised into space. “So, it’s true?” “About the newest treat? Yes.” “Who would’ve thought. What’s the flavors?” “Lobster Mac n’ Cheese.”  He glanced at her calico-colored head. “You don’t say?” He nodd

Source: Pets Talk Ep 3 3/12/2020: The Gentle Giant Traci Kenworth – A Dash of Seasons

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