Top 5 of 2019: 7 Tips to Creating a Fantasy Army (#1)

Great blog post, Charles!

Legends of Windemere

And the #1 post of 2019 . . . Really?  You know, I really didn’t expect this topic to come out on top.  Heck, I didn’t even remember it.  Another odd thing is that 3 of the 5 are 7 Tip Lists, but those seem to get a lot of praise.  Anyway, Coming back from February 20, 2019!

Lord of the Rings

You might think it’s easy to simply plop an army into a story and watch the soldiers clash in the background.  Well, it can be done that way, but that prevents you from doing some world-building.  You can learn a lot about a world and its kingdoms by the military forces that exist in there.  So, it’s a good idea to put a little more depth into these creations and here are some semi-serious tips to help.

  1. Uniform uniformity is important.  Bandits and a mercenary force can have…

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