Humor & Fun 1/21/2020: Fashion and the Mom’s World Traci Kenworth – A Dash of Seasons

Remember the highlighted words lead to items you might like to purchase. I may receive a commission. Thank you. Humor & Fun 1/21/2020 Fashion in the Mom’s World Traci Kenworth This is meant to cheer us all that we’re in this together, not tear down anyone. I have great respect for Mom Fashion, being a Mom myself. I’m also a writer which adds to that basket. If it weren’t for the gentle, indomitable spirit of mothers, we’d fall apart as a nation, as a world. So, thank a Mom today, her job is trouble enough, but somehow, she smiles and gets through the shrieks and the groans, her own added. You knew sweats would be here. As in sweatpants or jogging suits those comfortable, hideous articles of clothing we scramble into in the morning to get our chores done. They carry us from sweeping and vacuuming to dishes to running errands. Ah, the versatile combo. The ponytail. Another no-brainer. Tie the hair back out of the face, get moving. It’s a Starbucks kind of morning. Drive in, drive out. On with the rush of the day. Ponytails are the easiest and most used hairstyle all-around. They just make us look a little more “Pulled-together” even if on the inside, we’re not. The suitcase of a purs

Source: Humor & Fun 1/21/2020: Fashion and the Mom’s World Traci Kenworth – A Dash of Seasons

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