The Book Corner: 9/12/19 Two Reviews Loleta Abi

cover of Elizabeth Huff’s 150 Prompts for Fantasy Writers

The Book Corner 9/12/19: Two Reviews

Loleta Abi

150 Writing Prompts by Elizabeth Huff Amazon’s Digital Services Sept. 24, 2014.

Amazon’s blurb: 150 Prompts for Fantasy Writers is a book for any fiction writer who can use a little help getting started. Full of writing ideas, advice, and reference material, this book is a must have for would be writers of all ages. Other than the 150 writing prompts, there are also chapters on the subgenres of fantasy, parts of an army, inspiration for different worlds and animals, measurements and time, and more. Also included are several reference websites writers can go to for additional help and resources.

My Review: Full of fantasy prompts and helpful info on army, weapons, and more. Good source!

cover Our Better Angels Jonathan Reckford

Our Better Angels by Johnathan Reckford.

Amazon’s Blurb: Inspiring and insightful, Our Better Angels: Seven Simple Virtues That Will Change Your Life and the World celebrates the shared principles that unite and enable us to overcome life’s challenges together.

“When the waters rise, so do our better angels.”President Jimmy Carter

Jonathan Reckford, the CEO of Habitat for Humanity, has seen time and again the powerful benefits that arise when people from all walks of life work together to help one another. In this uplifting book, he shares true stories of people involved with Habitat as volunteers and future homeowners who embody seven timeless virtues―kindness, community, empowerment, joy, respect, generosity, and service―and shows how we can all practice these to improve the quality of our own lives as well as those around us.

A Vietnam veteran finds peace where he was once engaged in war. An impoverished single mother offers her family’s time and energy to enrich their neighbors’ lives. A Zambian family of nine living in a makeshift tent makes room to shelter even more. A teenager grieving for his mother honors her love and memory by ensuring other people have a place to call home. A former president of the United States leads by example with a determined work ethic that motivates everyone around him to be the best version of themselves.

These stories, and many others, illustrate how virtues become values, how cooperation becomes connection, and how even the smallest act of compassion can encourage actions that transform the world around us. Here are tales that will make readers laugh and cry and embrace with passion the calling of our better angels to change the way we take care of ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world.

My Review: Full of heartwarming stories about people who got second chances. The story of Habitat of Humany.

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