Transforming Objects With or Without Permission

Legends of Windemere

Fullmetal Alchemist

Changing a living thing comes with a lot of ethical questions even if it’s being done to oneself.  At least, there should be since I do remember one movie had kids turning rodents into cups without any hesitation.  There’s not that much of an issue when your transforming inanimate objects unless you’re shooting for ‘lead into gold’.  It can be a clear ethical problem if the change is being done to harm others, but mostly this is done to achieve a goal.

Now, I was going to categorize this topic like on Monday, but it all comes into the same vein.  Instead, I’m going to give a few tips if you plan on using this power, spell, or whatever in fiction.

  1. Try to keep the materials in the same school or give a reason why it will become something entirely different.  You might see I’m pulling a lot…

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