Five Links

Snowball and Miss Prissy

Five Links

Loleta Abi


  1. “It’s been sort of a perfect storm of late in terms of triggers leading me to think very hard about writing advice, writing processes, and progress in writing.”
  2. “Are you fed up of one-dimensional heroes? Frustrated with creating clones? Does your protagonist fail to capture your reader’s heart?” I have her 13 Ways to Make a Villain. Enjoying.
  3. “Not everyone doing well for themselves have “sold out.” Not everyone doing well for themselves are chasing the American dream. Not everyone doing well for themselves are seeking worldly success. These kinds of self-limiting beliefs will leave you stuck, broke, and dimming your light (because, ya know, you don’t want people to think you’re trying get rich or die trying…)”
  4. “Yes, It’s time for my soapbox. You may be going through the classic struggle trying to decide whether to self-publish or wait for traditional publishing possibilities.”
  5. “For many years, independent and self-published authors often turned to CreateSpace and its print-on-demand capabilities to offer paperback versions of their books. However, late last summer, Amazon announced that CreateSpace was going away and being merged with KDP (Kindle Digital Publishing).”

Research & Fun Bits:

  1. “Not a day passes without at least one blog post popping into my reader about marketing — lists of tips and tricks, how-to articles, and stern warnings that failure to market means failure as an author. Marketing is the bitter pill you must swallow after the thrill of pressing the “publish” button.” I feel the same. I’ve tried to get more people to read my blog. I’ve got a pop-up newsletter where I have two whole participates, lol. I’ve followed the advice. It seems to get me nowhere.
  2. “On Sunday, while I was at BizarroCon, I got a text from author and editor Michael Bailey, informing me that Gak had passed away.”
  4. “This episode finishes the three random things from Donna Parker at Yadadarcyyada.  Be sure to visit her blog and look around, read and enjoy.”
  5. ““Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.”
    ― Steve Maraboli”

Book Reviews:

  1.  “Can Eleanor follow her heart in troubled times?”
  2. “As one year teeters into another, my body is all at sea.  A stray bug or perhaps the sigh of inactivity after the busyness of December.  Flu sweeps in on Boxing Day and the lead up to the year end is fever, aches and pains, a chest infection.  It leaves me with labyrinthitis, an ear condition I get sometimes that feels like constant motion sickness.” 
  3. “Author Colin Garrow, who writes splendid stories about Sherlock Holmes among others, has written a fabulous review of Dark Visions Horror Anthology [in which I have two short stories].
  4. The first one was awesome!
  5. the author of You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone comes a stunning contemporary novel that examines the complicated aftermath of a kidney transplant between best friends.”
  6. “This book, like CUSP OF NIGHT, the first book in the series, is also a dual timeline novel. And each period has a mystery to solve, each of which she resolves beautifully. But moreover, the way the two eras are linked together? It’s masterful.”
  7. “This book covers the eighty year period from 1787 to 1868 when 168 000 convicts from Britain and Ireland were sent to Australia. This is a collection of tales about those transported; their reasons for transportation, their journeys and whether they died, survived or thrived in the harsh environment.”

8 responses to “Five Links”

  1. Thank you! Have a wonderful friday!


    1. You’re welcome, Laureen! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hi Traci. Huge thanks for including Andrea’s review of Atonement in Bloom. Great big hug!

  3. And double thanks for sharing this episode of my steampunk serial, Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers.

    1. You’re doubly welcome, Teagan! Hugs!

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