Why The Home Became the Center os Our Lives by Traci Kenworth

Why the Home Became the Center of Our Lives

Traci Kenworth

The home has become the center of our lives because simply: we built our lives around it. Everything we do, we do to take care of, better our enjoyment of, or keep our families safe together in them. We work to expand them, to decorate them, to define them to our personalities. And most of us are doing a pretty good job of it as well.

In the beginning, caves were the foundation of life. But let’s face it: they were cold and damp. And carried the occasional wild-life or two. We wanted something more. Warmth, of course. But also, a feeling of tenderness, of intimacy that came about as we built modern dwellings. It is here, we run our days and nights from. We organize not only our days, but our spouses and children. And they in turn organize their own schedules.

Back when we were on farms, the families spent the majority of their time taking care of the chores that came with raising livestock, crops, and a healthy financial investment. As more and more people moved to the cities or took to the factories, lifestyles began to change. Instead of acres of land, our yards began to shrink and box in with our neighbors.

Thus, the neighborhood was created. Sometimes neighbors could be great help in times of crisis. Other times, they could be a liability. Feuds erupted. People took sides. The reasonable minded their own business. More and more, we’ve come to live beside those we don’t even know the names of but wave to every morning on our way out the door.

Is it better this way? Who knows? But for now, it works. Neighborhoods thrive. People tend to move in and out in a frequency like laundry week. Sometimes, you’re not even sure if the persons next door have changed or not. There’s the curiosity factor. The quick glimpse of a U-Haul and five other pick-up trucks but no goodbyes. The new people move in just as quick without even so much as a hello. Oh, you wave to them still.

But it’s more of a habit than anything else. There are people you see walking about regularly. They seem to be here then there and become a fixture on your route to the post office, work, etc. Fire trucks blare at night. Chainsaws cut through a man’s former life. By the next day, like him, there gone. It’s sad. The only trace of him is his family who continues to clean out all the things he hoarded.

Ambulances roar through the streets headed to the hospital down the road. You see them at your neighbors.  Passing by on your drive. They can appear anywhere. Much like the police and the state highway patrol. And then there’s the lost pet signs. Numerous. Sad. Few happy endings there. The for-sale signs dot the place. People who’ve lost their dreams or want to move on to bigger ones.

We search for that home that means “family” to us. A certain quality, a certain layer, maybe fixtures we all want to attain. But are we finding what we want? Are we liking what we find at first, only to come to dislike it after abiding there for several years or more? Does the shine splash away with purchase?

Are we continuously on the prowl for a better that doesn’t exist? Have we forgotten what the home really is the center of? Family, yes, but what drives us more. We can search forever and never find it until we find what we need in ourselves. What makes you happy? Surrounds you with comfort. Peace? That should be on the list of the search for the perfect place for any of us. A place to be ourselves.

Happenings: Minor setback with some leg and feet swelling this past week. Painful but I’ll survive. Otherwise, doing well.

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  11. Entertaining Stories https://coldhandboyack.wordpress.com/2023/03/18/no-idea-about-word-count/ This was a week from hell, like so many at my workplace. Wound up putting in a bunch of extra hours and was kind of tired today. That poses a problem, because my only writing days are Saturdays in this new world order. Do, or don’t do. Thanks, Yoda. I elected to work on my science fiction project this morning. Jenny has been spinning her wheels after her promotion. She’s trying to help her son get through college and dreaming of doing some investigative reporting. It sounds like a lot of dragging components, but she’s uncovering important things as she pokes around. She doesn’t see the big picture yet. Hopefully, readers will want to piece some things together as they go. I introduced two lesser characters today. One is a disgraced network anchor who might be able to do some mentoring. The other is a billionaire (on television) who wants to enter the vanity space race. It all seems unimportant right now, but will come together later.
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18 responses to “Why The Home Became the Center os Our Lives by Traci Kenworth”

  1. Home, a place of peace and harmony! Thank you for sharing the Angels with your readers, Traci! ❤

    1. Thank you, Annette! Yes, hopefully, peace and harmony. I know, unfortunately, there are some homes where that isn’t true. I just hope those individuals in that situation can hold on to their someday and know then they’ll find a place of their own that feels the same. God bless! I’m happy to share the angels!

  2. I agree Traci and for me home is where the heart is… thanks very much for sharing the link. Hope you are doing okay.. ♥

    1. Thank you, Sally! Yes, indeed! The home is where the activity starts in our days. You’re welcome for the link. And I’m doing better except for the swelling.

  3. The neighborhood has changed for sure. Good observations on home, Traci. Thanks for the link too.

    1. Thank you, John! Some neighborhoods for the better hopefully! I’m grateful to see that the places I live still care for the most part about their surroundings and it’s relatively crime-free. People still talk to one another, take walks, and enjoy nature and life.

  4. A home can be a very special place. Thanks for including my gardening post this week. Hope you get better soon.

    1. Thank you, Rosie! Yes, a home can be very special! I believe it is the heart of the family that lives there.

  5. A lovely reflection on the meaning of home and the peace, comfort, and sense of belonging that makes it ours, Traci. I believe home should be the safe place that we emerge from, free to experience the world, take chances, and grow, knowing that we can return at any time. Thanks so much for sharing my post about Jude’s wonderful poetry. Much appreciated!

    1. Thank you, D.! I feel the same! Home is just–ours. A place to recover, a place to gather our courage, and a place to launch ourselves from when we’re ready, like you said, knowing that we can return if we need to.

      1. You summed it up perfectly. ❤

  6. Great post, Traci. For the Offspring and I, home has also been sanctuary for the last three years. -hugs-

    1. Thank you, Meeka! For myself and my kids as well. It has come to mean so much to us and yet, it is time to move on.

  7. HI Traci, thanks for sharing both Teagan’s post and Meeks’ post here. What you say about a home is very true, it is the centre of our lives and a place where we feel free to be ourselves and do the things we enjoy.

    1. Oh, thank you, Robbie! Yes, the home definitely is where our world centers. No matter the size, it is the idea, the compass to our days and nights. It is our stepping-off point and helps us to reach for our dreams.

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