History Marches On by Traci Kenworth

History Marches Forward

Traci Kenworth

Ever notice how nothing ever looks backward? Day after day, you go about things, it’s never the same as what’s happened previously to a degree. Sure, you may do the same chores, drive the same drive, talk to the same people but there are always slight differences. It’s the way that history marches forward, that life stamps its existence for us.

All throughout our lives, we rush, rush, rush. Sometimes never taking the time to appreciate those around us until it’s too late. Bodies age, pets crumble to time, it’s just a fact of life. And yet, shouldn’t it be more? Shouldn’t it mean more? Why should we wrap our emotions in a tight box and keep them ensnared there?

Society teaches us to keep those emotions in check. That it’s not wise or good to display things on our sleeves. It’ll put us at risk. At risk of what? Showing others, we’re human? That we care? Shouldn’t we open our hearts to one another? To let them know what they mean to us. I know that seems odd, coming from a woman: the emotional shell.

The truth is: I’ve had to put one on my entire life. First, because my family didn’t understand why I acted like I did. Why I cried at sad scenes in books or TV shows. And I don’t mean a few tears. I would really ball my heart out. Everything touched me to a degree I struggled to keep under control. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I understood why that behavior was.

After my breakdown and the trauma, I went through during my abusive marriage, I suffered from PTSD but it wasn’t till they dug deeper that they diagnosed me with bipolar. It was something that had ran on my father’s side for generations. My grandmother had it. My paternal aunt. My great-grandmother’s sister. I’m not sure how far back it goes. I just know that it’s been costly for all of us. My grandmother went through shock treatments for years. That poor woman suffered greatly.

I can’t imagine undergoing such a thing. It scares me to the core to think of how people with mental illnesses were treated throughout history. Still are treated. Someone like Ye makes the rest of us look bad. Just because you have a disorder doesn’t mean your prejudiced or hateful or stupid. It just means I have to take meds and monitor my behavior.

I don’t get scary violent or talk about blowing people up. That’s not me. My anger is directed inward at myself. It’s not to say that I don’t have a temper. Because everybody does. Mine’s just more self-destructive. I get frustrated and angry at myself. Sometimes for my existence. I wish I were different. I try to be different. But then I just come back to plain old me. And that’s okay. Cause in truth, I’m not that bad. It’s only on the down days that I think that’s not enough.

For so much of my life, I tried to change who I was, but it never worked out. I could never be the person I wasn’t, and my charade was found out. My pretense wasn’t done to hurt anyone but to get away from myself, from the hatred of who I was inside. It took a lot of years for me to make peace with myself. To accept myself. To dare I even say: like myself?

I’m not the same person I was years ago. I lose more and more of those times every day but that’s okay. It wasn’t who I wanted to be. I thought it was at the time, but I’ve found a better me now. I was just thinking yesterday that this is me without all the varnish, without all the pretend. I don’t have to pose for people. Bend myself into their preference. I like that. I’m finally free to be myself. History does indeed march on.

Happenings: Well, sad to say: the property didn’t work out. They didn’t have city water available, first strike. Second, we would’ve had to know off the bat, how much we were going to put into the building of the lot. Like, a given twenty-thousand for a septic system but beyond that we figured fifteen-to-twenty-thousand for setting up the site and weren’t sure if that would include the driveway or not. Also, we’d have to roll all of that in with our mortgage payment and we couldn’t do that yet because technically, this place is under contract until Sept. 2024. Even though, we ourselves, are not. And the final strike, that the town/county didn’t allow manufactured homes on the lot. So, yeah. Back to figuring on houses when we move in the next year or two. No wonder a lot of people don’t move with manufactured homes.

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  14. Chris the Story Reading Ape https://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/2023/01/10/a-road-map-to-your-writing-guest-post-by-traci-kenworth/ Everybody says do this or do that and you’ll have a road map to your writing. The truth is the journey’s different for every writer. You can’t take any two writers out there and compare their path and find them the same. It just doesn’t happen that way. We can read about someone’s success and repeat what they did but the odds of it working are just off the charts. Now, don’t get me wrong, you can learn from those that have gone before you. And that’s the great thing about reading or listening to a successful author. Yes, their steps CAN help you but there’s no guarantee their journey will duplicate yours. No matter what you do, you’re going to learn the ropes on your own. Not because successful authors won’t share their “secrets,” but because that’s how it was meant to be for you. I’m not trying to discourage you. Stephen King is Stephen King because he put in the hard work. Just like any author before or after him. There are no shortcuts. It’s like life. No one takes the same turn and twists. Hits the same wall. Even twins have their different paths. It’s just the way it is. Again, that’s not meant to discourage you. What it’s meant to do is to let you know not to compare your writer’s ups and downs to another’s. You’ll each have different forks in the roads. Each has elevated areas from the other. It’s like winning awards. Not everybody does that but those that do appreciate the uniqueness, how far they’ve come. There’s always something to tackle, something to reach for. That’s what keeps the journey interesting: always having a goal. If we didn’t, there’d be no point. Now, my goals might be different from yours. Not everyone wants medals. Some writing goals will be simply to be published in a certain genre or category. Yours truly. Couldn’t resist. Hope you don’t mind the self-promotion! Chris always has good stuff on his site and I’m honored to be able join others in blogging there.

11 responses to “History Marches On by Traci Kenworth”

  1. So wonderful to know that you are free to be yourself! ❤ Thank you for including the Angel Messages here, Traci!

    1. Thank you, Annette! It feels good to not have to hide that part of me. I know not everyone will understand and some will be afraid but really, I’m trying to be the best person I can be, even will all the baggage I have from the years.

  2. “It took a lot of years for me to make peace with myself. To accept myself. To dare I even say: like myself?” I was so glad to read this, Traci, and see that your journey and growth are taking you to a new place of understanding and peace with yourself. Life sure can be a challenge at times. Thanks so much for sharing my reviews! I’m delighted that you enjoyed them. Have a beautiful week. ❤

    1. Thank you, D.! I have worked so hard over the years to get to this peace, to just let go of all that I can of the past that burdened me. There’s something to be said for being older, lol.

      1. I totally agree, Traci. There’s a grace in getting older and just letting go of all turmoil and accepting ourselves.

  3. HI Traci, an honest and well considered post. We all face adversity in life, it comes in different forms for everyone. You can see a person who seem to have everything, but in reality, they never do. Look at poor Lisa Marie Presley who has just died so young. If you can rise about the adversity you face in life and make a go of things, then you have succeeded, in my opinion.

    1. Thank you, Robbie. I still can’t quite believe Lisa Marie Presley is gone. She is one year older than me, I believe. Or it might be, one year younger. Can’t remember. But I always kept an eye on her life because of my mom’s love for her father’s music. I didn’t know she had three daughters though until they announced her successors to Graceland. I hope those girls have a better life.

      1. The price of fame is often a very heavy one, Traci. I would never want to be in the limelight like her family or Price Harry.

      2. I agree, Robbie. I always say I’d like to be able to live comfortably but not be like one of the famous or I couldn’t even imagine Prince Harry’s family.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Hope you find the right place soon.

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