Cats Rule! by Traci Kenworth

Kitties Rule!

Traci Kenworth

Have you ever realized how noble, how serene your cat looks sometimes? As though they rule over thousands. Maybe more. Of course, there’s always the alpha of the pack but I’m talking about how they seem to think they own the place. They’re adorable, they’re sly. And they warm their ways into our hearts without a problem.

Who doesn’t adore a newborn kitten, with its eyes barely open? Its tiny paws stretch, seeking to find its first meal with its Mama. They grow in leaps and bounds so fast and so furious that no time seems to pass before they’re ready to tackle the world. Or at least your kitchen counter, lol.

People who don’t have cats don’t get it. Or at least, those who don’t snuggle close to these adorable creatures don’t. They can be your anchor, a companion in times of trouble, someone to lend an ear when no one else will. Everyone thinks dogs got that covered and they do but kitties do as well.

Of course, when it comes to mischievous, they’re a sight above most other pets. They know how to climb, how to dig, and how to knock over. And that’s just starters. “Don’t bother me human,” they seem to say in their latest escapade, their arrogant stance meant to show us that they “own” us.

They permit us to live with them. Not the other way around. They are sweet and adorable at times. Those faces under the door, begging to be let out after they’re finished with their toys. Sometimes they want to socialize. Other times, they want to be left alone. Cue in the aloof expression.

They like their routines. And heaven forbid to veer from that ideal for them. They want their feed times on a schedule. They want their humans available when they want them. Even though for most of us, there are other commitments we need to take care of in a day. When they peek around a corner, they expect us to be there.

Yeah, they have me wrapped around their paws. I grumble in the mornings when they get me up but they soon have me laughing at their antics. If you have a pet, you know. They have a way of getting into your heart. They teach you to be a better person at times. We can get upset when they break something but they’re little buttering up afterward warms our hearts.

Yes, cats rule, let’s face it. From their Egyptian tomb days to recently, they’ve learned how to play the adorable kitty, and earn a place at the top of our households. They are gentle and kind. Except when they aren’t. That’s the tiger in them, thanks to their cousin. While they might nick us with their claws, they always make up for it. They are loveable and divine and don’t you forget it.


I thought I was going to be starting a new routine or rather going back to the afternoon shifts with both my son and daughter. My son is still on afternoons but my daughter has to go through training on the first shift for over a month. So, I’m still running him to work in the afternoons and her in the mornings, just at a shorter distance to drive. Last night, he didn’t get off till after midnight and I didn’t get to sleep till one, one-thirty, and then had to get up at five. That wears on a body at my age and my health isn’t exactly great right now. I have to go in to see my doctor about my legs tonight. I already have an appointment with a neurologist through a referral of another doctor but that’s not till December unless they get a cancellation. Still, looking to teach both how to drive.

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  11. Entertaining Stories: I haven’t posted here a ton this month, because of the ongoing blog tour. There’s a bunch of original content, it’s just hosted elsewhere. There have been a ton of good remarks along the route and I’ve had a great time. There’s only one tour stop left, on Halloween. I also have the Story Empire post that day. Somehow, between two posts and working, I might have to catch up on all those comments after I get home. Not a lot happening beyond that. I ate Asian pears until they started getting mushy. Those on the tree now might not get harvested at all. Frankie has a new bulldog game that’s kind of annoying. She sleeps with us, so we have a set of stairs for her to go up and down. She navigates these with ease. She’s surprisingly agile, so she can also jump up with ease. For some reason, at bedtime, she whines and plays this game where she just can’t make it up there. Most nights I get up, then she jumps in with no problem.
  12. This is Horror: Out now from Weird Punk Books and editors Sam Richard and Joe Koch, Stories of the Eye This brand-new horror anthology explores the relationships between artists and their subjects. Edited by Sam Richard & Joe Koch. Beauty is a knife. Between the desire to create and the thing created, the model is a key, a stepping stone, a participant othered through the process of creation. These thirteen visions of modern horror dissect the relationship between artist and model, exposing the spaces the eye is tricked into missing where we witness the beautiful and monstrous intricacies of making and being made. Featuring stories by Hailey Piper, Andrew Wilmot, Gwendolyn Kiste, and many more, you can pick up your copy in paperback format here.
  13. John Howell: A breakthrough in electric vehicle fast-charging battery design from Penn State has enabled a 10-minute charge time for a typical EV battery. The record-breaking combination of a shorter charge time and more energy required for a longer travel range came from heating the battery to a Goldilocks Zone which has proven difficult for engineers thus far. Their findings are hoped to accelerate the sale of EVs and were announced on October 12th, in the journal Nature. “The need for smaller, faster-charging batteries is greater than ever,” said Chao-Yang Wang, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Penn State and lead author of the study. “There are simply not enough batteries and critical raw materials, especially those produced domestically, to meet anticipated demand.” In August, California’s Air Resources Board passed an extensive plan to restrict and ultimately ban the sale of gasoline-powered cars within the state. By 2035, the largest auto market in the United States will effectively retire the internal combustion engine. If new car sales are going to shift to battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs), Wang explained, they’ll need to overcome two major drawbacks: they are too slow to recharge and too large to be efficient and affordable. I like the idea of EVs, but I’m not sure how long it’ll take to reach a reliable one.
  14. Writers in the Storm: The last time I appeared here, I talked about ways to be selected for podcast appearances to promote your writing. I hope it encouraged you to put yourself out there. In this post, we’ll cover how to find and evaluate podcasts, so you don’t waste your time on shows with poor quality or audiences that are a little too niche in size. So, if you want to get booked on a podcast, I have good and bad news. The good news is, according to, there are two million (2,000,000!) podcasts out there with more than 48 million episodes available. The bad news is there are two million (2,000,000!) podcasts out there of varying quality and audience size. What does that mean if you’re seeking a good fit for your topic with a decent-sized audience? How do you make that podcast love connection? Two million. Hard to realize there are that many to choose from.

12 responses to “Cats Rule! by Traci Kenworth”

  1. Agreed, that cats rule! Thank you for sharing the Angel Messages.

  2. Thanks very much Traci and have added the link in my blogger weekly later in the week..hugsxxx

  3. I have loved all my cats. Thanks for the link, Traci. Hope you get good news on the leg situation.

    1. Thanks, John! They are adorable, aren’t they?

  4. Thanks so much for the mention, Traci – and those cats are adorable!

    1. Thank you, Teri! And you’re welcome!

  5. A wonderful honor to these fluffy monsters. Lol Thanks for sharing. xx Michael

    1. You’re welcome, Michael!

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