Celebrating the Holidays in a Century Village by Traci Kenworth

Celebrating the Holidays in A Century Village

Traci Kenworth

Celebrating the holidays in a century village can be quite unique. From the train ride with Santa that takes children around the circular park and back to the log cabin. Yes, log cabin. That’s where our maple syrup is made and distributed in Spring through Fall. It’s quite the treat. Old time caroler cutouts decorate the park and town square. There are a couple Christmas trees in the ceremonial side of the park.

In the square, various shops dress up their storefronts as they see fit. More trees from lights to garland and such. Along the telephone poles are a blend of oversized plastic candy canes and trees lit at night, of course. From the post office to the bank, decorations abound.

There seems to be some competition between households as well as to who can have the better Christmas display in their yard. Houses are decorated to the brim with stars, Nativity sets, snowmen and reindeer. A particularly breathtaking display this year was a set of white reindeer. There were Santa sleds and trees all about. Purple was a popular color. As was white, red, and blue.

I love to just drive through the town and look at all the lights. It’s just so heartwarming and festive. It really puts one in the mood to celebrate with their families. A lot of people have lived in the town for generations but there are newcomers as well. One particular couple is known for their displays throughout the holidays all year-round after coming from California where they were movie producers.

A new thing this year has been the City of Bethlehem Lights in the Geauga County Fairgrounds. The magical road of Christmas lights that lead to a Nativity scene as well as many more scenes to enjoy. There are reindeers and candy canes. Santa and stars. Carnival lights also showcase the event. To see their changing colors and splashes of fun is just awesome. It truly looks to be a drive to appreciate with your family and friends for years to come. The event is a drive-through experience for all ages.

I can’t tell you what it means to go past these fairground lights at night. They are just so spectacular! The whole place is lit from the front entrance all the way to the back. To me, Christmas lights have always been something special to behold at holiday times. There’s just a magical quality to them. It’s like anything could happen. Even those Christmas miracles!

Celebrating holidays in a century town can be exciting and bring back warm memories of days gone by. And isn’t that what those special times are supposed to be like? There’s nothing better than bringing joy to your families and friends during these times. And whether you’re doing so in a city or a small town, look around your area and discover what’s there. Every place called home has its own treasures to share. Happy New Year to all my readers!

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1. Appeal to the Senses

Good showing appeals to the senses. Basically, we have to appeal to the senses to really show a story. There is no reason moments of telling can’t appeal to the senses in a similar way. Appealing to sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch can strengthen your telling just as it does with showing. It’s just that with telling, it’s usually brief, or relayed “in passing.” This example appeals to senses despite it being a telling summary:

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This is an excellent time to look at the freedom we give our characters to act and react within the story. I have mentioned many times that I am a plotter. However, when I am in the process of writing the first draft of a novel, the characters sometimes take over. The plot veers far from what I had intended when I began writing it.


This happens because my work is character-driven, and sometimes, they’re like demolition derby drivers.

When a significant change happens, I have to adjust events to match the timeline. Adjusting my outlines is a simple process because I create them in Excel. I can delete and move events as needed to ensure my story arc doesn’t flatten.

Other people use whiteboards and sticky notes, and still others use Scrivener—a program my style of thinking doesn’t mesh with.

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A little information… the QR is short for Quick Response. QR Codes are a type of barcode that is readable with digital devices like smartphones.

In a nutshell, they store information (ie. website, social media profiles, etc) that can be easily accessed by simply using the phone’s camera to read the QR Code.

If you’d like more information on QR Codes and their origin and use, Business Insider shares a fantastic post ~ What is a QR code? A guide to the barcode’s basics, why you’re seeing it everywhere, and how to scan one.

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Ode to a Painted Bunting

A sign.
My heart called out for a sign.
Something to hang onto.
Something to give me hope.
Something to remind me the world can be beautiful,
And people can be kind, generous, and loving.

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“…Creative work becomes more meaningful the more it conveys our truth. And in our lives overall, an understanding of what is meaningful to us provides us with purpose, clarity, and intention.” ― Kate O’Neill, Pixels and Place: Connecting Human Experience Across Physical and Digital Spaces

How often do you sit down to write a blog post and find yourself searching for something with meaning? Perhaps you feel you’ve written every topic to exhaustion. The truth is you can always find a different spin on everything, and when you write it from a place of purpose and enthusiasm for you, it will have meaning for others as well. 

What Topics Pique Your Interest? 

For instance, grammar. Is it important? A must for the writer? As I heard in a podcast recently while studying How to Write a Bestseller 3.0, the structure is essential, but so is getting to the point where you begin to break the rules. Of course, you have to know the rules before you do so. Once you do, though, you can experiment with how to play with them.

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