Winning Romance: Does This Couple Match? Loleta Parks

Image by Julie Rose from Pixabay

Winning Romance: Does This Couple Match?

Loleta Parks

Trying new things on this website as well. I know there’s been a limited audience on this site, but I hope to increase that going forward. What draws you into a couple’s romance in fiction? Is it the cover? Their background? I would venture to guess it’s the story. Where they’ve been. Where they’re going. What they’ve overcome. How they met. What kept them apart. What brought them together. And how they stayed together.

Who are some of your favorite couples?

Mine are:

  1. Any Nora Roberts couple.
  2. Jamie and Claire Fraser.
  3. Any Constance O’Banyon couple. My favorite author of all time. Windhawk and Joanna.
  4. Westley and Buttercup.
  5. Aragorn and Arwen.
  6. Benedick and Beatrice.

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