Update 3 Traci Kenworth

Hello. Just wanted to update things. Hoping to get back to some activity in the weeks ahead. I’ve been seeing a host of different doctors as the team in charge of health want to move all my doctors in the same umbrella, so to speak. Thus, I went to see a new family doctor who is known for complex medical conditions such as mine. Two new things added to maintenance: 1) None of the other doctors told me I had a bulging disc in my back. Not sure if this is the only thing causing pain around the belt of my stomach, sides, and back. 2) I did have low blood pressure that’s since moved to high. My diabetes is the main thing we’re working on along with blood pressure right now. Other issues will be done later but I hope I get relief for my back/stomach soon. Also, went to see specialist for my HS. He put me on some new meds and a supplement with another to be added should this regime work out. Next up, the vascular surgeon for my splenic artery aneurysm. Take care and God bless, till we meet on this website again. Traci

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