The Writer’s Wheel 7/26/2020 Loleta Abi

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

The Writer’s Wheel 7/22/2020: Holding Each Other Accountable

Loleta Abi

It’s become popular in the world to just do as you please without any consequences. Living like that is like living as children. Any tantrum might get us what we want but unless we learn a lesson from our actions, we’re not doing ourselves any favors. It’s time that we hold each other accountable for what we do and say. I’m not saying to slay each other for things we don’t like about each other. There must be law. Otherwise, anyone can do what they please.

Our Leaders.

Our government was supposed to be “by the people, for the people,” but it seems more and more that it’s become for the leaders. They bully, they provoke, they threaten, and they throw a fit when things don’t go their way. I’m ashamed of the way our politicians have become over the past years. Destroying emails. Asking help from foreign governments to secure a place at the top. Paying off mistresses. Demeaning women. Claiming they care about us when they would send our children into school grounds that may lead to Covid-19 for a large portion of them. Yet their old crony who kept their “secrets” was pardoned from prison because he might contact it. Shameful.

What happened to the heroes? The ones who put their lives on the line for this country. It seems that they keep getting shuffled into the background while others less deserving get thrust into the limelight. Contracts getting put out on our soldiers in Afghanistan by the Russians? And those in office don’t even mention this. They sweep it under the table. I don’t know how they can face themselves in the mirror in the mornings.

Law Officers.

Yes, there are bad police but there are also good ones. We tend to forget that when horrible events happen. What about the officers who help lost children get back to their parents? Those that defend you when someone wants to attack? Officers who take the time to try and steer teenagers from a life of crime? How many good ones did we lose that day on 9/11? They went into those buildings just like the firemen and paramedics.

Believe me, I grew up in a town where the police used to come to our house first when someone ran away. It was as if they thought we were a magnet for runaways. I worked in businesses where officers came and went all hours of the day. Some were decent. Some weren’t. For a few, that badge made them think they were better than most of us. I think there should be more training on how to relate to your neighborhood. More compassion classes.

I wonder if they consider that they must stay distant to do their job. I don’t see that as true. I’ve seen at Christmas in a small town over where officers will help young children pick out their presents for their families, on them. I’m sure if those officers had a tense situation, they could still do their job. Training to understand our neighbors would be a good thing for all.

I would say the same of those in office. They need compassion courses as well. If we at least tried to understand one another more, this life would be better for all. Instead of a trial. I feel for those that have had bad experiences with the law. Most importantly, those that have lost their lives for it. That isn’t right. We shouldn’t fear to walk our streets. Officers should be able to be neighborly as well as a force to be reckoned with when called for. When we can reach that respect, that compassion for one another, our lives will truly be blessed.

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