The Writer’s Wheel 6/28/2020: Pursuing Our Dreams Loleta Abi

Image by TweSwe from Pixabay

The Writer’s Wheel 6/28/2020: Living to the Depths You Can

Loleta Abi

Do you wonder how far you can go through life? Have life and circumstances caused you to give up on your dreams? Taking a steady pace and pushing through the obstacles may work for you.

How Far Can You Go?

Whatever the dream, there is a way. Perhaps you need schooling to get there. Have you considered going back to school? It can be done at any age. When I went to college, there was an eighty-year-old woman going back to complete her education. Others asked her why she would do so at her age? She said because she wanted to finish what she’d started and was determined nothing would stop her.

What about you? Have you done everything you need to, to follow your dreams? Perhaps money is a problem. There are ways to get around that. Grants of all kinds are out there today. There are also contests to be won for school money. If you have to work, there are ways to work around your schedule. Just talk to your employer. Maybe they too have ways to help you succeed. A lot of employers have grant money as well.

Life & Circumstances.

Maybe the dream you once held when you were younger is gone. It’s not too late to replace it with another. Or modify it perhaps. Life sometimes changes from what we originally set out to do. Perhaps it’s leading us to the thing we were meant to do. Some try to make it through the medical or legal professions but end up not liking the direction they’re going. It’s never too late to turn the direction to something you’re more suited to do.

Perhaps you’re good with art. Why not try selling your work? You might not make much at first but as you improve and add to your collections, your price should increase. One thing. I know you’ve heard of the starving artist. That’s no life for anyone. Take odd jobs if you have to. Get yourself through till you can support yourself. Offer your services to different employers who could use your skills. Preserve the dream with finances.

Pushing Through.

Keeping faith is hard. Believing in yourself sometimes lacking. If you keep at things you will see it pay off. Maybe not in the way you hoped. Perhaps you will end up teaching writing instead of penning bestsellers. Your work might be better related to museums than archaeology digs. Someone has to show off those famous discoveries. Think of the child who might listen to you and be inspired for future excavations.

Your diary of today’s events during the coronavirus might hold insights for people of times to come. They might never experience such plights in their lives, but they can consider how harrowing it was. Think of the history being made with protests. How might our world be different or the same? What can it teach future generations about the way we come together? The things that kept us apart?

There are many ways we can support our dreams. Many change. But new ones come. We choose the best for us we can and work to keep them moving forward. Maybe you one day want to go to space. Programs are available to teach you about that. You can discover if it’s really something you wish to do or if it leads you down a different path.

Maybe that’s what education should be pointed towards. Perhaps we should be offered apprenticeships to discover if we’re suited to something we wish to do. It would save time and frustration. It could give us a boost in the right position and serve to strengthen us in that role. It could also sway us from spending years in pursuit of something not meant for us. What are your thoughts?

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