Retribution: Picnic – A Dash of Seasons

By Jesstyn Kenworth 4/16/2020 Well, quite an inspiring evildoer isn’t Luciell? But don’t worry mama Leslie’s here to help! Though I don’t think she’ll need much to conquer mister bunny! Haha but that’s alright. Maybe the apocalypse is further than we think O_o How are you doing on makeup? Try this, this, and this. Perfume? This, this, and this. Nail polish? This, this, and this. Need a cute top or two? Nice jeans? Here and here. Planning a trip? Luggage here and here. What about stuff closer to home? Hygiene? One, two, three. Cleaning solutions? One, two, three. Paper products? One, two, three. Pet supplies? One, two, three. Entertainment? Books? One, two, three. Movies? One, two, three. TV shows? One, two, three. Puzzles? One, two. Board games? One, two. Cards? One, two. Pillows? One? Sheets? One. Blankets? One. Dish towels? One. Bath towels. One.

Source: Retribution: Picnic – A Dash of Seasons

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