What’s to Eat! Sundays 3/22/2020 Traci Kenworth – A Dash of Seasons

What’s to Eat! Sundays 3/22/2020 Traci Kenworth Cheddar Baked Chicken This a moist, succulent, tender piece of chicken that your family will love, love, love! Baked in breadcrumbs, cheddar cheese, and corn flakes to name a few ingredients it will win raves all-around! Prep                               Cook Time                     Total Time 10m                                1 h                                  1h 10m Adapted from Six Sisters Stuff Ingredients: ½ c. butter (divided) 1 c. flour 1 t. salt 1 t. pepper 1 t. garlic powder 2 eggs 1 T. milk 1 c. shredded cheddar cheese ½ c. seasoned breadcrumbs 1 c. Corn Flakes (crushed) 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Melt ¼ c. butter and pour melted butter in 9 X 13-inch baking pan. In small bowl, combine flour, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Set aside. In another bowl, whisk together eggs and milk. Set aside. In third bowl, combine cheddar cheese, breadcrumbs, and crushed corned flakes. Set aside. Dip each piece of chicken into flour mixture then egg mixture then cheese mixture. Place in prepared pan. Dot rest of butter over top. Bake 1 hr. Potato Salad Comfort food never had it so GOOD! This rec

Source: What’s to Eat! Sundays 3/22/2020 Traci Kenworth – A Dash of Seasons

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