The Writer's Wheel 3/22/2020 Loleta Abi

Image by Oldiefan from Pixabay

The Writer’s Wheel 3/22/2020: Surviving the Bland

Loleta Abi

These times are unsettling but it’s what we do to distract ourselves that’ll show the generations to come how we survived. Everyone’s thinking apocalyptic right now, but there’s are always survivors to everything. Why should we tear ourselves down in the meantime or hurt others in the process?

I’m Speaking About the Hoarding.

Some families have not even been able to get groceries or water. Those that had the means and the cash came out first and grabbed up everything they could. Most of these hoped to sell them to others desperate enough to pay a higher dollar. That’s just scum. No other word for it. They’re counting on someone being so low that they can kick them in the gut while they’re down. These kinds of people deserve to be stopped. To lose every dollar they’ve spent hoarding items for this purpose.

I’m Speaking About the Ill-Mannered and Rude.

People shoving their carts down the aisle that can’t fit three carts in a row but still on they come not caring when they slam their neighbors into displays or coolers. But then again, these people are not my neighbors. They’re strangers who I don’t recognize. They come out in these times snarling and spitting their anger at what’s going on around them. One woman shoved my daughter out of the way when she was stocking shelves and growled, “You work for us, the customers. Get out of our way.” WHERE has decency gone? Would she speak to her family that way? Probably. Oh, wait. She’s probably the type of relative everyone avoids.

Clearing Off the Special Diets Shelf.

I’m talking celiac here, people. They need to avoid gluten. They need certain foods and yet they found their shelves ransacked by people who can eat anything and don’t have to restrict their meals in any way. It’s a shame. I’m upset because my daughter has celiac and the food, I could find her is quite limited. I’m sure others on special diets have found the same.

The Craziness That’s in the Air.

People are so panicking right now. I see it on all the faces I walk past. In the doctor offices, the suspicion in another’s patient’s face. The terror around you as you wait, and others take phone calls from loved ones praying it’s not bad news. In the hospital, masked workers and policemen keep order. I knew what to expect when I went to some of these places but hearing and seeing are two different things. People don’t trust anyone. Look in distaste on their fellow person. Where has the caring gone? Would they be like the story of the good Samaritan where a man was robbed and beaten badly and a priest upon seeing him in that condition walked on, a Jew also crossed the street to avoid the man, it was a Gentile that had compassion on his neighbor, took him to an inn, and promised to pay double whatever the innkeeper had to pay to take care of the man. We should all be more like that Samaritan, especially in these times of doubt and fear. Would you want your relatives trodden under? Your children beat within an inch of their lives? Help your neighbor. Yes, and your loved ones. Keep each other in our prayers. It’s what we can do to show caring for each other right now. Not hatred or fear or bullying. Love will get us through. Take care and God bless.

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