Three Links 3/19/2020 Loleta Abi

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Three Links 3/19/2020

Loleta Abi


1. “Why is it that some characters just don’t disappear?  The book is finished, the edits have been completed, the next work is in progress and yet… a particular character is still refusing to rest or retire or whatever it is that characters do when the writer has finished the book.

I’ve been reflecting on this, because there is still a character that is very much with me – one that just simply refuses to let me go.  To Keep You Safe was e-published in October last year and the print copy is out in March 2020.  The premise is: how far would you go to keep a child that wasn’t yours safe?

The story is of teacher Jenni, who becomes concerned that her vulnerable pupil, Destiny, is at risk of being snatched by a gang: unless she acts”



Research & Fun Bits:

1. “How do we write about ourselves? How do we write a memoir that will have value for others? How do we find the necessary level of truth, empathy and self-examination? How reliably are we remembering and does that even matter? What about the other people who are part of our story – how do we approach writing about them?”


3. Some great links.

Some Things More Serious:

1. “n this video I cover:

  1. Establish a routine
  2. Set aside a specific place for your work
  3. Time blocking and timed work periods
  4. Get out of the house and preferably into nature
  5. Connect with your loved ones and your community online

You can find more tips in Productivity for Authors: Find Time to Write, Organize your Author Life, and Decide What Really Matters

You can also find more of my videos on Please do leave a comment and join the conversation or tweet me @thecreativepenn



Teaser Fiction & Poetry:




Book Reviews, Cover Reveals, & Author Interviews:

1. “While at Panera meeting with a few other writers, I sat with my laptop open and my current work in progress on the screen We were discussing a characterization problem when a blonde woman plopped her mammoth laptop on the table next to me.

The pretty woman was slender with long hair. Her eyes had mild crows feet, but by no means was she old. As I studied her face, I wondered how we knew each other.

She smiled as she said, “This won’t work. Can you get it to connect?”

I’m not a computer genius but connecting to Wi-Fi I can do. The Yahoo homepage was open and Scott Trade awaited in the search bar. I checked the Wi-Fi icon for connectivity (makes me sound tech savvy-right?) The internet access icon had an explanation point next to it. Who knows why the connection was wonky, but I disconnected and reconnected. When I opened a new internet window the Yahoo homepage popped up again.

“Oh! Put in Scott Trade,” she said excitedly.”

2. loyalties test Inez Garza.

The infamous incident at the Academy of Natural Studies has forced her to work for the King’s Men while continuing to serve the hidden market.

Supporting Birthright furthers the cause of Magical Return, but the cost may be the fall of the royal house and losing Zavier forever.

And the strongest pull of all is her growing and erratic magic, which demands everything and offers only destruction in return.

Inez must decide where her loyalties lie—saving Canto or saving herself.”


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