The Writer’s Wheel 3/15/2020: Deepening Crisis Loleta Abi

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

The Writer’s Wheel 3/15/2020: Deepening Crisis

Loleta Abi

It seems that it’s that time that we need to examine finances, food stocking, cleaning supplies, outdoor stuff, etc. Around the country, a lot of businesses are allowing their employees to work at home for safety’s concern. Are you doing the same where you live?

Have You Stocked Up on Groceries?

Bottled water is a must. Canned foods could be beneficial. Freezer items such as bags of chicken, beef, and pork. Of course, you’ll need the sides to go with them: potatoes, veggies, and salads. Any spices you’re running low on. Any sauces, cheese, or French onions you wish to put in your meals. Hey, this is not the zombie apocalypse here! You’re just doing what’s safest for your family: staying home and avoiding those who might be ill with the coronavirus.

Are you good with First-Aid Kits?

These will come in handy when you need them. Also get extra bandages, Neosporin, pain relievers, anything extra you can thing of. Face masks, if you do have to go out.

Cleaning Supplies?

How about paper towels, baking soda and vinegar for an unbeatable combo, hydrogen peroxide (could go under first aid as can this next), rubbing alcohol (yes, they can be used as cleaners!). Dish soap. Laundry soap and dryer sheets (unless you make your own with sponges and fabric softener). Hand soap and sanitizer. Lysol. Mr. Clean. Fantastik. Bleach. Ammonia. Whatever your preferences are. Don’t forget the cleaning gloves and sponges, brushes, dusters, etc.

Pet Supplies?

You’re going to need food. Treats. Litter. Toys. Any meds to treat them. A groomer’s tool. A leash to walk dogs with if you don’t currently have one. Getting out in the fresh air might be advantageous for you both. Of course, confine yourself as close to home as you possibly can. A walk down your road, perhaps.


What about toothpaste and brushes? Hand soap, as mentioned above. Body wash, squeegees for the shower, bars of extra soap. Lotion. Shampoos. Hair products to make you in a better mood. Hey, who says you can’t look nice while at home? Face creams. Face wash. Pimple treatment. Shaving cream. Razors. Makeup. Makeup brushes. Q-Tips. Cotton balls.

What about Epsom salts? Your arthritis meds? Lotion for your feet and hands. Tissues. Nail Polish. Nail polish Remover. A back scratcher. Garbage bags.

And more.

Picked up your meds? Have cough syrup? Halls? Mucinex? Aspirin? Tylenol? Flu meds? Cold meds? Allergies? Your vitamins?

How about games? They could be useful to avoid boredom. Puzzles are another help to alleviate stir-craziness. That’s why those walks outside with your pet or tending your garden or lawn are all so important!

Of course, there’s a bazillion channels. Netflix. Hulu. Disney. Other paid subscriptions. Or maybe just curl back with the good old TV Guide. It might be better than watching what’s on.

There are always the movies you have stacked in the corner on DVD or Blue-Ray. You could bring a player home from the store to keep you busy.

Spending time with the family or pets is a plus. How often do you get some time to enjoy each other’s company? Have a barbecue. A backyard picnic. Push the little ones on the swing sets. Help them climb the jungle gym.

You can always enlist some helpers for Spring Cleaning. It needs done anyway so why not get ahead while you can? Perhaps the garage needs cleaned out. The shed. Repairs to the house. Or deck. Or porch. Even the driveway.

So why you have some time off due to the coronavirus, tackle some project, check your supply lists. You’ll be ahead when you return to work and things go back to healthier.

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