The Writer’s Wheel 3/7/2020: How Panicked are You? Loleta Abi

Image by Vincent Ciro from Pixabay

The Writer’s Wheel 3/8/2020: How Far Have You Panicked?

Traci Kenworth

Let’s talk about the Panda Bear in the room. Namely, the coronavirus. It’s been a few months since the outbreaks in China first happened. News here and there, says the gov’t new sooner. Whether or not that’s true, the sheer numbers of deaths and those infected can scare the tattoos off everyone.


Do they really help? In reality, no. I’ve seen a few people wearing them here in OH. It’s disturbing at first and then you realize their fears. If it makes them FEEL safer, I suppose there’s no harm. And who am I to dictate fashion anyway? They says these masks are flying off the shelves overseas and here.


This is the biggest defense against the coronavirus. Teach your children to wash after they go to the bathroom, when they sneeze, every time they cough, before meals, etc. You might want to wash your hands yourself discreetly after coming in contact with someone ill. Anything they handle, disinfect, again discreetly.


Spring cleaning is happening early around the states. Paper towels, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, Lysol, Mr. Clean, etc. are flying off the shelves in response to people trying to keep their homes a safe zone. People are stocking up on this stuff as well if they’re travelling. No harm in being prepared. Plus, you don’t know where items have been. Check those pillows, those sheets, clean those stand before you lay your items on them. Even if you’ve seen a maid in the room previously. You never know. I’ve heard from hotel and inn workers that there’s not one that is free of bedbugs so who knows what else might have been there before you arrived.

Canned goods.

Yes, everyone is stocking up on these items as well as snacks just in case you get stuck inside while a quarantine goes on. I hope it doesn’t get to that but there are more and more cases every day. People say you have more chance to catch the flu than this, but the truth is this an airborne disease as well as people carrying it and transferring it to others, they come in contact again.

So How Panicked Are You?

Are you worried at all about the virus? Are you even now under quarantine? I’ve been praying daily they find a cure. I worry for those infected as well as those not. Do you think masks will help? Are you stocking up on hygiene items? Canned goods? Non-perishables? Have you instructed your children to take care with washing their hands frequently? Are up keeping close to home nowadays? Cleaning it top to bottom? Please don’t think I don’t take your fears seriously. I do. I so do. I can’t say that I haven’t bought the same items above recently and more. I dread dr. visits because you never know. To me, though, it’s a matter of prayer and practical application. We can do no more to avoid things.

Have a great week, take care, and God bless.

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