The one that got away…

Oh, wonderful, Sue!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I am looking forward to April. Not just because it might have stopped raining and warmed up a bit by then, but because I have a feeling we have come to the notice of the water deities through our research for the weekend workshop… and I am getting fed up with being a plumber and dealing with aquatic mishaps.

It has all been about water lately, from pond, hot tub and aquarium, to broken bathrooms, leaking sheds and a washing machine that cheerfully floods my kitchen yet again whenever I  attempt to repair it. And that is without the saturated lawn that has developed a pond of its own and squelches underfoot, or the flooded roads and fields.

And then, this morning, when a pale and watery sun hovered indecisively in the sky, I arrived at my son’s home to find him, dressing-gown clad, watching the pond…

“I’ve just…

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