Humor & Fun 3/3/2020: Garbage Day Traci Kenworth – A Dash of Seasons

Humor & Fun Wednesdays For the Home 3/3/2020: Garbage Day Traci Kenworth Are all garbage companies alike? Are all worthy? Let’s take a look at some common garbage chaos, shall we? Cans on the road or in the ditch. Seriously? Do they WANT to cause an accident or make you cut your foot on some bottle some irresponsible idiot threw in the ditch from one of the buggies passing down the road, its tunes built to high-pitch in the middle of the night? They can’t tell when you want to throw out old cans. Can’t they see the CONDITION of said cans and pitch them without you putting a note on them telling them, “Please haul these away, the dinosaurs are done trodding over them. Old couches? Ripped and ragged. WHY would you put them out there if you didn’t want them taken off? They say they’re concerned that someone else might have dropped them off at the end of your property. Yeah, cause random people go around saying, “Sure, this house. This is the one we want to leave our used furniture at.” They don’t provide cans or dumpsters. Nope. You have to go to Home Depot or such and lug your own home. These things are like $100 or more bucks a pop. No, wait! NOW I see, why they don’t provide them t

Source: Humor & Fun 3/3/2020: Garbage Day Traci Kenworth – A Dash of Seasons

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