Humor & Fun 3/2/2020: Grocery Shopping Traci Kenworth – A Dash of Seasons

Humor & Fun Tuesdays 3/2/2020:  Grocery Shopping Traci Kenworth It’s that shopping experience NOBODY likes to undertake. You can withstand hours of your partner dragging you around the mall but just enter those swishing doors and the grocery aisle and the lights go off. Literally, if you visit WalMart. The Produce Aisle. Double check those potatoes or you might end up with rotten ones somewhere in-between. Tomatoes? Not as good as the farmer’s market ones that burst into your mouth in flavorful wonder. Oranges-duck those hive issuing fruits! Oh, okay! So. you’re not me. Lol. Let’s take a gander at the berries, shall we? Are they smooshed? Aging well? Better to visit the freezer sections instead of the stand in your favorite grocery store. Bananas? Will they curl up black two days into your home inventory? What about the lettuce? Is it all created equal? I think not. I almost choked on a bag of that spindly purple cabbage in some varieties. Plain iceberg lettuce is the best but doesn’t come in quite a lot of quantity in those bags. You COULD pick up a head of lettuce, I suppose but then going to the trouble of washing them off is just more than a saint can bear. Broccoli crowns? Get

Source: Humor & Fun 3/2/2020: Grocery Shopping Traci Kenworth – A Dash of Seasons

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