Doing My Bit

Scary times.

Stevie Turner

So now we have the Corona virus in the UK.  Two people from the same family have been tested positive and are currently residing in a specialist centre in Newcastle.  They had previously been staying in a hotel in Yorkshire. However, one wonders how many other people inside the hotel and outside that these two have come in contact with over the past fortnight who might now be incubating the virus and unwittingly infecting others.  The others could be travelling all over the country as I write this, spreading the virus even further.

Hospitals are already stretched to breaking point due to staff shortages, the normal winter norovirus, and elderly patients falling about for a start.  Add thousands infected with the Corona virus and it’ll be the straw that breaks the camels’ back, so to speak.  There is no land and probably no money either to build another hospital in…

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