The Writer’s Wheel 1/26/2020: Staying a Cut Above (All Things) Loleta Abi

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The Writer’s Wheel 1/26/2020: A Cut Above the Rest When it Comes to Writing (Or Anything for that Matter)

Loleta Abi

Of course, we’re talking about the things we’re skilled at. We certainly can’t be a cut above for something we aren’t. A cut above refers to a certain integrity a person carries when it deals with a category in their day-to-day life. We wouldn’t expect them to come to something new and be a genius at it.

  1. Your Field of Work.

Be it at an office or a truck stop, you go above the call to do things right. Pleasing that fussy customer, helping a distraught mother and her kids, interacting with a grief-stricken co-worker. We all want to be treated fairly in those situations and it would be wonderful if we’d do the same in return to those people we meet. We might not know them. They might take us away from our ordinary tasks. But giving a little extra might just ricochet in our favor along the way.

  • Errands.

Again, out there away from home, we might have cause to run into a shut-in neighbor who could use someone to talk to, a stranded motorist, a child who has lost their pet. A few minutes might brighten their day. And if we can solve their problem, we might get bucket loads of delight in return. Good turns profit the giver as well as the recipient. We might discover that we were supposed to do something we’d forgotten we promised. This allows us to keep those promises. And thus, not let someone done. From visiting church members to attending those all-important events for our kids, checking in on aging parents.

  • Writing.

Yep, you knew we were going to get to it! Don’t plagiarize. Don’t boost your rankings on Amazon just to make others think your books are worth purchasing! Don’t troll other authors because you can’t get your own work seen by an agent or publisher. When you write, do so with a gladness. Not many get to spend doing something they love so much. We should strive for quality. Don’t rush to put out book after book if they’re all in need of repairs. We should be proud to put our name on a book. It represents us. Our talent. What we’ve dug down into our bones to create. It’s who we were when we were part of that world, those characters. Make it a faithful account.

  • Reading.

I’ve been surprised by the number of authors who admit they don’t read while writing. Maybe if the material is similar, hold off until you’ve completed you WIP. I read all the time. Every day. It’s part of my tools, part of the foundation of my writing. I learn more and more as I go along. Words I didn’t know are revealed and incorporated into my writing. Images I didn’t think about imagining are now part of my arsenal in learning how to develop images of my own. Yes, READ!

  • Family.

As mentioned above, you want to keep your promises. To avoid sad faces and diminished importance in their minds. They might not be able to tell you what’s wrong. Or that they need you. Don’t miss out on your time with them. Life moves fast. Before you know it, they’re out on their own. Take care of them, love them, and show them that you care.

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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