The Writer’s Wheel: 1/5/2020 Welcome to the New Decade, Changes on the Blog & Elsewhere Loleta Abi

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The Writer’s Wheel 1/5/20: Welcome to a New Year, Changes and Things Remaining the Same on the Blog and Elsewhere Traci Kenworth

First, Welcome!

I hope the last year wasn’t terrible for you. If it was, I wish you better in the year ahead. I had my mix of both bad and good last year. Earlier, last year, I went through three surgeries so thankful that’s behind me. I saw numbers fall on some of my blogs as I experimented with things. Still doing some risky things here and there. If you don’t attempt to bring change to your writing, you’re not doing yourself any good. Stagnant can kill a career. I know they say to stick to what your best at but if we only do that, we’ll grow bored and fall away. Always keep things churning!

What’s Working:

My new routine has brought a lot of good things for me. I’m getting the writing in, managing other areas of my life and forging ahead. I wasn’t sure how the rotating of my to do list would work out but it’s impressed me. Of course, I’ve fallen away from it somewhat since the holidays came calling but now that the new year has dawned, I’m getting right back to it. So, there’s little change in the routine. Other than adjusting for the different days off for my daughter’s work (she works in retail).

Blogging has also been kind to me this past year and continues to be now. I started last year as I mentioned above with lower numbers due to surgeries and health concerns. Though, I still have health issues to work through (doesn’t everybody?), I’ve been able to boost my numbers again and I’m landing in higher digits. I’m still bringing the Loleta Abi site along as well as my new blog, A Dash of Seasons. They are picking up here and there. I’m hoping the new tricks I learned from an expert blogger on advice for A Dash of Seasons will help out.

And Finally: Changes!

As you’ve seen by now, I’ve cut back to three and five links for the different websites. This has helped me tremendously! I’m not wrung out by the end of the week trying to get them in. I’ve been kinder to myself in regards to them. Sometimes, I get them all inserted, others, I fall flat. Doing the shorter versions, also gives me time at the end of the week, to go through links I hadn’t encountered yet and reblog them if there’s a link to do so. Some sites don’t carry the reblog or even the WordPress option. I wish more would, but that’s the blog owner’s choice.

I’m changing the times of posting for my blogs. I used to post early in the mornings but that’s going to change to early evenings. I hope you will all still support and follow me with the new changes, but I understand if there’s just not enough time in the day. It happens to all of us! I’ve heard posting in the evening is the best time for blogs. More viewers are on the internet at that time, searching for topics like we post.

Hope you all have a great week, take care, and God bless!

One response to “The Writer’s Wheel: 1/5/2020 Welcome to the New Decade, Changes on the Blog & Elsewhere Loleta Abi”

  1. Here’s to the start of a new year! Onward and upward my friend. ❤️

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