7 Tips to Writing the Self-Righteous

Great post, Charles!

Legends of Windemere

This is going to be a challenge.  Giving tips on a character type that I really don’t get along with?  Strap in your popcorn and let’s see where this wild ride takes us.  All tips are spontaneous with the minimal amount of thought . . . Also, fueled by sleep deprivation even though I got a full night of sleep prior to this.  Whatever.

  1. Give the character something to be self-righteous about.  This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often a character is made to be a pompous jerk simply for the tension.  Much of being self-righteous deals with a social or moral path that they are confident about.  It’s about judging others by this and trying to convert them.  If there isn’t a clear, stable system fueling the character then it falls flatter than a piece of paper.
  2. To give the character some longevity, do…

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