The Writer’s Wheel 11/10/19: Writing and Taters Loleta Abi

leaf with heart through it

The Writer’s Wheel 11/10/19: Writing and Taters

Loleta Abi

“Prepare for failure, yell and do not expect anything.”

Writing is like taters. Bear with me. You come up with an idea, put it into a pot (journal, word program etc.) and you wait (to see where it’s going to take you.) Hopefully, it’s going to sprout tubers and the journey will be worthwhile. Sometimes, you have to dig a bit, dig a bit more, and still dig even further.

At this point, you decide whether the idea is worth pursuing. Will it catch hold of your thoughts, bring your characters to life, and grow to be a book? Only time will tell. As with all writing, it might take a bit before it sinks into the pot and begins to cook.

Things may soften too much. That’s when you know that the story’s about to fall apart. Stir those lumps about and get back in there and give it a tug this way and that. Make your characters fight for it. They have to really want to finish in a big way and not die out in the middle of the match.

When the potatoes are ready, you mash them up. That is, it’s time to edit. Get back in there, swing things around, push them here and there, and tidy up the loose ends. Be more focused and critical of your work. Set things where they flow the best. Too much backstory? Pare it down. Add sour cream and butter. Mash some more.

Time for seasonings. Those are all the little flavors that go into making the book yours. Critiques. Work with an editor. Deciding where to publish. Everything works together to bring about the finished product. Serve to your readers and enjoy!

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