The Writer’s Wheel 11/3/19: Predicting What’s to Come (A Little Fun).

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The Writer’s Wheel 11/3/19: Predicting What’s to Come

Loleta Abi

First, no one can predict what’s to come. Not astrology. Not a crystal ball. Oh, sometimes coincidences happen, but that’s all they are.

The World Will End Before 2020.

Not that I’ve heard this yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere, someone’s saying it. That’s the thing. People get notions in their head and then boom; it becomes reality to them. They gather others. And still others. The Mayan’s Calendar was wrong. How do we even know we read it right? I know, I know, they say they may have mistaken the date but well, we could insert any date at this point. Someday, yeah, given the way the environment’s going to toast and such, this may happen. But not today.

Blue Jeans will Lose Favor.

Now, that would be sad. How much better and slimmer do we all look in jeans?

The Dead Will Rise Again.

Yeah, maybe in Last of Us 2. Otherwise, zombies are made up creatures.

Doctors Everywhere Will Disappear.

It’s a sad fact that fewer and fewer students get doctor degrees anymore. I can’t tell you how many of my doctors have been replaced by nurse practitioners. Yeah, I know. They’re along the same lines. But those extra years a doctor trains for might just save my life someday. Now, this one seems less prediction and more the reality of what’s happening.

Fall Out Shelters May Become More Numerous than Homes.

Maybe so. We’ve got itchy fingers on those buttons around the world. Who know when one might press them? Another sad fact.

The Poor Will Get Poorer.

Another common and true prediction. It happens all the time. Today, there are just wider margins between the haves and have-nots. The problem is some of the haves don’t want to share more of the tax burden to help the economy out. Take my money? Get out. Get your own, loser. Yeah, that seems to be their sentiment. The truth is: there are some wealthy who WANT to help more with the burden but that’s not happening. I’d say, it’d make the others look like schmucks and they can’t afford that more than they already do.

Food and Water Will Decrease.

No prediction there. Our numbers are increasing. That means more and more food and water are needed. Clean water is becoming a problem. Heck, right now, I’ve seen empty shelves at stores with the trade war going on.

Kindness will Save Us All.

 I hope so. I believe so. There are more kind people than evil. I see this every day. How about you?

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