Pets 4: Miss Callie Traci Kenworth

Pets 4 Miss Callie (Calico) Miss Callie thinks that she’s a dog. She plays fetch with us with her toys: straws, toy mice, balls, etc. She will literally chase the toys and then bring them back to you. She loves to sleep on her back, her belly exposed. She’s so cute and adorable. Huggable. She likes to snuggle. She’s the friendliest cat we have, greeting even strangers with love. She’s a loner when it comes to the other kitties. Her rival is Miss Prissy and even though their sisters, they don’t like each other. They’re always defending this room or that as their territory. She sleeps in my office wastebasket, lol. She has little “nests” around the house where she buries her toys. She doesn’t like the other cats to play with her stuff and will wait for them to tire of playing with the toy and then hide it, lol. She has patches over her eyes like a pirate. One side’s orange, the other’s black. She can be a thief when we bring home a coffee. She sneaks when we’re not looking and nabs the straw, lol. She’s a character, this one! She sleeps more than the other cats and is fluffier than all of them. Sometimes she sleeps on our shoes. I’m not sure if she’s trying to prevent us from leaving

Source: Pets 4: Miss Callie Traci Kenworth

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