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For the Home Traci Kenworth Raising Money for the Holidays: It’s almost the end of Oct. already, soon, the holidays will be here. Do you have money set aside for them? Especially, Christmas? Unless, those stockings deserve coal, here’s some ideas to get some extra cash. Garage/yard sales. Everybody has things laying around that they’d like to clear out. Why not do a sale? People peruse sales anymore for items they are searching for. Your cast-offs are another’s find! Imagine emptying that bulging closet or that over-run garage and making a profit from it? Everywhere from churches to town halls now hold sales. Again, they know there are people in the pursuit of items they have. Taking an extra job/more hours at work. Not ideal, but this could help earn some extra cash for Christmas items. Don’t overload yourself or run yourself down health-wise. Gifts aren’t THAT important to jeopardize your health. I know you want to please your loved ones but they should want you at your best more than that Playstation Pro. Just be careful, work what you can, and pocket some extra cash for gifts. Saving Money. It may be late in the years but if you put say $10 to $20 aside until Dec. 15, starting

Source: For the Home: Raising Money for the Holidays – country-lane-home-at-the-cottage

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