Pets 3: Miss Prissy

Pets 3 Miss Prissy Traci Kenworth Miss Prissy is a princess and she lives up to her name. She’s always running around, getting into trouble. She tries to butter everyone up though when she is. Her favorite room is the laundry room and she loves to sit on the shelf or dryer, looking out at the world. She tries to intervene when I’m doing laundry by walking around the wash machine with the lid open as I put clothes in. She moves out of the way though when I get set to turn it on. Another favorite of hers is any laundry basket that’s waiting to be folded. Trouble, yes, lol. She likes fresh water and will let you know when it needs refreshed. She climbs up into my windows and until I got a cabinet recently to put them in, she was wont to break my bell ornaments. She liked to jump on my phone cabinet and send the phone flying too, until I also fixed that. Heehee. She’s learning her tricks are getting diverted. She’s about a year-and-a-half old and the sibling of Miss Callie (up next week, our last pet). Both are calicos by some amazement as they are the offspring of a tiger cat and a golden tabby. They were the two remaining kittens and a lady my daughter worked with fretted where to pl

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