Poison Apples Traci Kenworth

Poison Apples Traci Kenworth Adapted from travelcooktell.com This did not turn out like caramel at all. I cooked it longer than suggested to see if that would help thicken it but the most this dip did was turn the apples bright red like one that might tempt Snow White. They did taste really good though! Ingredients 2 c. sugar ½ c. light corn syrup ½ t. black food gel coloring 12 small/medium apples 12 wooden skewers Parchment paper Remove stems from apples. Insert skewers. In a double-boiler, add ingredients. Bring to a boil. Do not stir past this point. There’s a note to watch carefully as coloring will not let you see caramel. But again, I couldn’t get my to thicken. It says it takes 15-20 mins, but again, I went beyond that trying to get it to the right texture and it just wouldn’t do it. Place parchment on baking sheet. Dip apples carefully, as very hot. Place on paper to cool. You could use blue for this as well or green food coloring. It also says excess can be poured over parchment and after cooled, broken into pieces.

Source: Poison Apples Traci Kenworth

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