Pets 2

Pets 2 Snowball Traci Kenworth Now, the ironic thing about Snowball, our second male and the biggest of our cats, is that he’s not white. He has a white spot covering his mouth and my kids named him Snowball because of that. He’s actually a brown tiger, we were told when we had him fixed. He likes sleeping in sunshine in any nook and cranny. His favorite toy is Easter eggs for some reason. He loves boxes. He loves being petted. When one of the other cats gets hurt, he’s always there to love on them. He’s a gentle giant. He came to us from the streets when he was four or five months old. Surprisingly, he adapted well to becoming an indoor cat. He still does raid the garbage though if the lids left open, lol. He’s spoiled now but I think he kind of deserves it after growing up on the streets. He’s sleeping in one of my file baskets beside my desk right now, not a care in the world. He doesn’t like loud noises or people he doesn’t know but he warms up well after a while. He is hesitant with guys and we wonder if he had bad experiences with them. He adores my son, however. He doesn’t like to be held but he will allow me to do so for a short while. He prefers to be petted standing or si

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