Severed Toes

Severed Toes in Bandages Traci Kenworth Adapted from Woman’s Day. I made these both gluten-free and with wheat ingredients. My daughter has Celiac Disease so has to eat without gluten. My son and I are able to eat wheat ingredients. Ingredients: 1 box refrigerated pie crusts or use a Crescent Roll recipe such as follows. 1 package Cheddar Sausage Smokie Links 36 almond slices 1 large egg Ketchup, or serving Gluten-free Crescent Rolls (adapted from 2 c. Pillsbury All-purpose gluten-free flour 1 T.  instant yeast 1 T. sugar ¼ t. baking powder ¼ t. salt ½ c. warm water plus 2 T ½ c. butter, melted 1 egg Flour for rolling board I used a hand mixer. Measure flour, yeast, sugar, baking powder and salt. Add warm water, egg, and butter and mix until sticky dough forms. Lightly dust surface and pat dough with flour to make less sticky. Using rolling pin, roll out. Use pizza cutter to cut into triangles. I cut mine and then halved them again as they were really large for the cheddar smokies. For Severed Toes: Heat oven to 450 F. Line baking sheet with foil. On work surface, unroll pie crust and using a pizza wheel cut crust into 3/8-in strips. Working with 1 smokie

Source: Severed Toes

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