The Writer’s Wheel 10/7/19: The Changing Seasons Loleta Abi


The Writer’s Wheel 10/6/19: This Time of Year

Loleta Abi

Don’t you just love this time of year? The cool, crisp leaves, so colorful. The pretty flowers in the fields. Nature gathering for the seasons ahead.


When do you begin decorating for the holidays? Or don’t you? I start early October for the coming Halloween, of course. I’ve got tombstones, a skull, I want to pick up skeletal hand/s, a skull ghost, bats, scarecrows, pumpkins, books with scary sayings such as potions and Tricks and Treats, a ghost and a black cat solar light, and Halloween flowers.

I’ve loved Halloween since I was younger and I just enjoy decorating with fun, scary things. Nothing too bloody or gory, just the cute stuff. Although, maybe my bloody cupcakes or Mississippi blood pie doesn’t quite fit that bill, lol. I usually join my family for a Halloween feast on the night and watch scary movies.


I know some people don’t celebrate Halloween. It may have been based at one-time on a pagan holiday but to me, it’s about the kids, candy, and fun. The celebration can be quite charming and doesn’t have to be a terror fest for those involved. Again, I keep it as cute as I can. Believe me, I’ve seen some horrifying things while exploring recipes and decorations. I’m more of a mild person and don’t like to go too overboard on things.

Do you attend parties? Throw them? What kind of games and fun do you have at your events?

Staying Safe.

We all know there are individuals out there not quite right. Checking our kids’ candies still applies. You never know. Even when I was younger, my parents did this. There were rumors glass had been found in the neighborhood in some candies, razor blades another Halloween. And then there’s those scary people who target children for pickup. Keep your children close. Staying in groups is the best advice I can give. Carry flashlights and coats for the chill. Walk the smallest ones up to the porches, make sure they don’t get pushed or fall.

Pets are another consideration as well. There are those extreme groups out there that seem to want to hurt animals around this time. Keep your pets inside is my advice.


It’ll come and go by fast! Enjoy the costumes, the fun, the candy. Put your own spin on a party! Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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