This Is Not Going to Go the Way You Think

Meg Dowell Writes

I had plans. Big plans. Solid, definite, “nothing can stop me from doing this the way I want” plans.

And then, as it so often happens with things we are the most excited about, everything came crashing down around me. Suddenly my plans were in pieces and I did not know how to handle it.

Sure, this was nothing all that serious — I planned on spending an entire morning writing and for reasons completely out of my control, zero words were written that morning.

But it was frustrating. I only have so much time in a day to do the things, and when I can’t do the things when I promised myself I would do the things — ESPECIALLY if I happened to be highly motivated to do the things in that moment — everything goes off the rails.

Or, at least, it used to.

Slowly, I am learning…

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