Pets #1 Midnight Traci Kenworth – country-lane-home-at-the-cottage

Pets #1 Introducing Midnight Traci Kenworth Midnight is the oldest of our cats at five. He’s definitely the alpha and rules the house even though our other male is much bigger than him. I think it’s because the other male was a kitten when he came to us and he grew up with Midnight as the boss as so thinks he’s bigger than him still. Midnight likes to sleep in his basket, the couch, and the top of one bookshelf when he’s not on the floor. He’s a sweet kitty unless one of the other cats is in his territory then he gets riled up. He did come to our house as a kitten along with his sister via one of my daughter’s friends. Midnight’s sister, Tinky, died, unfortunately, a couple years ago along with another of our cats, Miss Socks, that same year. We currently have four cats. Two are sisters. Two females, two males. All fixed. Midnight is my son’s cat though he likes to butter me up since I feed them, lol. He still, sometimes, acts like a kitten and chases a stray Easter egg or another toy across the floor. He likes to claim any cardboard box that comes into the house for his own, no matter the size, lol. He takes a long while to warm up to an outsider. He’s very loyal and loving.

Source: Pets #1 Midnight Traci Kenworth – country-lane-home-at-the-cottage

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