Halloween Treat 2 – country-lane-home-at-the-cottage

Bubbling Witch’s Cauldron Brownies Traci Kenworth Adapted from thefirstyearblog.com These didn’t resemble the pics on Pinterest but were still cute. With Jesstyn’s, I forgot to put her brownie batter in muffin tins and baked it in a square pan instead so hers are a bit different. It’s the taste that counts! My daughter said we should maybe half the butter the recipe calls for as it is a bit rich and the butter stands out in the frosting. Ingredients: 1 box of gluten-free brownie mix or your choice of regular brownie mix for those on a regular diet 1 stick butter at room temperature 1-2 cups powdered sugar Green and orange food colorings Chocolate nonpareil sprinkles (we used purple and green from Walmart) White beads (Walmart) Pumpkins and sprinkle mix Eyeballs and others sprinkle mix Candy Corn for the stirring sticks Preheat oven. Spray pans. I baked the gluten-free first at 325 degrees in a glass pan for 53 mins according to the package directions. I then baked the regular brownie mix at 350 degrees in muffin tins. The recipe said for fifteen mins. but I found an additional thirteen mins. was needed for the knife to come out clean of the muffins. Remove from oven and indent top

Source: Halloween Treat 2 – country-lane-home-at-the-cottage

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