Thursday – A Little Personal – Fries before Guys

Fiction Favorites

“What do you have there, Little One?”

“Mom bought us a new toy. Look it says Fries Before Guys. What does that mean?”

“I think it means that French Fries have a higher rank on the food chain than boys.”

“Sounds strange. Excuse me, I need to find Mom.”

Twiggy and Lucy

“What did Mom say?”

“Exactly what you said. Also to enjoy the toy.”

“So what do you take from the saying?”

“That Fries are more delicious than boys.”

“I think that’s a pretty good take away Little One.”

“I can’t imagine what fries or boys taste like.”

“Let’s hope you don’t have to find out. In the meantime, enjoy the toy.”

“I think the container is more fun actually.”

Mom keeps putting the fries back in the container.”

“Yeah, Little Potato. Mom’s are like that.”

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