The Writer’s Wheel 9/3/19: Adventure in Books Loleta Abi


The Writer’s Wheel 9/3/19: The Adventure in Writing

Loleta Abi

The Places You’ll Go!

Have you thought about taking an adventure? Where would you like to go? Books can take us anywhere. To Paris. Amsterdam. Seattle, Washington. The moon. Mars. A new planet. A new universe. Another dimension. The list goes on and on. Turn the pages in a book and you might find yourself back in the Old West in a shootout at the O.K. Carroll. Or soaring through heights as a dragon in the Westeros. Contemplating a second breakfast with the hobbits. Or solving a mystery with the son of Arthur.

You don’t need a car, a plane, or a stroller to take advantage of the different settings in books. Simply grab a seat and begin.

You’re Not Limited.

By time, distance, or physical impairment. Books are a joy to everyone, a reminder that dreams can come true to a degree. Okay, maybe we’ll never really spot a Thing One or Thing Two but through books we can almost see them in our imagination. Imaginations are a great thing. They can divert us from bad situations, boredom, and frustration from not being able to control real life. They lift us up, make us worry for the character, and thrill at their triumph.

We can follow characters through wardrobes, ride a drop of rain, talk to elephants. There really is no limit.

Complete Our Bucket List.

Have you ever wanted to ride a bull at a rodeo? To last that five minutes upon its back? Reading can do that for you. It can climb Mt. Everest. You can ride the wind. Anywhere and everywhere is at your fingerprints. There are so many books out there that even if you read ten books a day, you’d never crack them all before you died. That’s why when a book doesn’t interest us, we should move on. There’s plenty more. Something for everyone. I don’t get trolls. They rattle on and on about what’s wrong with this and that when they could just set that book aside and grab another to their liking. Why waste time on something that irritates you?

There really are adventures to be had in books. Pick one up and give it a read. You won’t be sorry.

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