Judi Lynn’s #cozymystery THE BODY IN THE GRAVEL #bookreview

Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! I know I usually post reviews on Tuesdays, but this week Marcia Meara was kind enough to post a review of one of my books on her site, and Joan Hall reviewed another of my stories on hers. I couldn’t run this yesterday because Mae Clair shared her review of The Scout. And I didn’t want to hold this one until Tuesday because it’s already been too long since I’ve read it. I want to share! (Besides, I have TWO reviews scheduled to share on Tuesday, anyway.)

So, long story short and review long overdue, here are my thoughts on Judi Lynn’s latest cozy mystery, The Body in the Gravel, book three of the Jazzi Zanders Mystery series.


★★★★★ Home Improvement, Pets, Food, Mystery… What’s not to love?

Judi Lynn has done it again. This latest installment of the Jazzi Zanders Mystery series is my…

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One response to “Judi Lynn’s #cozymystery THE BODY IN THE GRAVEL #bookreview”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Traci.

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