Planning for Multiple POVs

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Ciao, amici. We’ve been discussing story bibles. So far, in addition to the overview, we’ve covered the series premise, character sheets, and setting descriptions. Today, I’ll be discussing outlines, specifically outlining for multiple POVs.

If you only have one POV character, the information still (mostly) applies. You can just eliminate the additional columns.

This is the method I use to prepare for writing multiple POVs.

Multiple POV

My latest project is a five-book sci-fi series with multiple points of view. In the past, I’ve technically written multiple POV works. I usually use the hero and the heroine, and in one series I added a third POV when I occasionally put in passages from the villain’s perspective.

This time, though, I’m writing a multiple POV in the true sense of the word. Not two or three characters, but a whole handful of them.

I’m an outliner. I can’t…

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