7 Tips to Writing a Bad Boy: As If I Know What I’m Doing

Legends of Windemere

White Collar

As I said on Monday, I’m not really sure of what I’m doing.  I’m seeing that I do watch a bunch of shows that have ‘Bad Boy’ protagonists.  There are a few themes that I’ve seen that enhance their rebellious nature.  Might as well share what feeble insights I’ve garnered here:

  1. There has to be some level of charm.  It can be intentional charisma like Neal Caffrey from ‘White Collar’ or animal attraction like Angel or Spike from ‘Buffy’.  This is what draws people to the character instead of them being the loner, hated outsider that has no business being involved in the action.  You need there to be a reason this anti-norm character is permitted to be a part of the story when they aren’t going along with the social program.
  2. Pretty sure you don’t always need to give them a motorcycle, leather jacket, and cigarette.  I…

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