Views of the Neighborhood – A Visit to The Natural Gardener

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This past week the producer and I visited The Natural Gardener, which is a retail nursery featuring organic plants and shrubs. We were surprised at the size of the grounds and the number of species offered. There was so much to take in, I’m going to use two posts to cover it all. This week is the first, and since next week is the Fourth of July parade, the final will be in two weeks.

Here is a map of the grounds. There is so much to see. Over forty areas of interest.

You know you are in a retail place when you see a big selection of pots

There is a revival tent which Teagan Geneviene would like.

Of course, this tent is for learning to save plants, not souls.

The Natural Garden

Next is the butterfly garden

With guess what? A butterfly.

And another.

Beautiful flowers to attract butterflies.


A little spot…

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    1. You’re welcome, John!

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