The Writer’s Wheel…7/2/19: How Many Words Have You Written So Far? Loleta Abi


The Writer’s Wheel…7/2/19: How Many Words Have You Written So Far? Loleta Abi

A Million Words:

Stephen King is known for saying that a writer needs to write a million words to be any good. How many have you written? I’ve written over a hundred thousand so far this year. I’ve written five books at over 300,000 words in the past as well as another seven books at 100,000 each. Do I think I’m any good? It’s hard to say. Others say that I’m good. To me, it seems that I’m always reaching for that elusive thread that holds the magic to sew everything together and be able to shout, “Aha!” I say this, because we as writers don’t acknowledge the imposter syndrome or the truth of the matter that we will never feel like we’ve accomplished enough.

Do We Start Off with Talent or Just a Wish?

I think we all start off with wishing that we can be seen as the best writers comparable to our favorite of the bestselling authors of today or yesterday. I certainly did. I wrote one of my favorite authors when I’d started writing with the idea for publication at eighteen and she advised that I give up writing until in my thirties in order “to live a little.” How ironic that the dark years that would follow would carry me through till that time before I attempted to write again. Do you think you have to live a spell to write with some life experience?

Do You Continue to Study Your Craft or Think You Know Everything by Now?

I believe in continuing the study of your craft. I’m always buying craft books, learning from other people, reading craft blogs online. I never want to stop learning because I’ve heard that if you, you die as a writer. I want to go out writing someday. That would be an awesome way to expire. It could be the beginning of a new story, the middle, or perhaps you typed, “The End.” Wouldn’t that be satisfying?

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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