Finding the Strength to Carry On

Legends of Windemere


This is another one of those situations where I jotted down a shorthand note about a blog post and forgot what I meant.  ‘Carrying on’ must have sounded good at the time and I swore I’d get to it quickly.  I didn’t and now I’m in another awkward moment.  Most people would trash it and do something else, but I always continue with the idea.  Maybe I’ll get it right.  So, what does carrying on mean?

  1. Ranting.
  2. Loading items onto something.
  3. Continuing to push forward.
  4. Activity done by wayward sons.

As you can guess, I’m going to focus on #3 because that feels like where I would go considering my life lately.  It’s been rough and I’ve been struggling to move ahead in various aspects of my life.  Writing is a big one since I don’t have nearly as much time as I would like.  It’s difficult to find…

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