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Fiction Favorites

Twiggy and Lucy “It’s Friday Little One. You gotta move.”
“Five minutes more, Lucy.”

Twiggy and Lucy

It is Friday again. This week has flown for some reason. Maybe it’s that I’m back to writing on what I hope to be my sixth book. For some reason, I have thoughts of the paranormal in my brain. I tried hard working on an adventure with Ned Tranes. Ned is the police chief in the three John Cannon stories. For whatever reason, Ned continued to drag his feet, and the story became like pulling teeth. Not much fun.

I did sit down and write a short story which exploded into a whole new world. Let me give you a blurb, and you’ll see (hopefully) what I mean. The names are not the final characters but just placeholders.

Samantha and James were best pals in the second grade. One day Samantha suddenly disappeared with no explanation or resolution. James prayed his…

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  1. Thank you for the reblog, Traci.

    1. You’re welcome, John!

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