The Writer’s Wheel 6/17/19: A Look Around the Neighborhood Loleta Abi


The Writer’s Wheel 6/18/19: Taking a Look Around the Neighborhood

Loleta Abi

This week, our community has yard/garage/porch sales. Seventy-four in all. We only made it to eight. It was exciting and there were quite the finds! I found a new large rug for my kitchen. I still need to find another to replace the one in my living room. I found a pan rack that I’ve been looking for in stores for a while. I found throw pillows. Books by authors I wanted to read. All but two of the Harry Potter movies for $6. There was a Prisoner of Azkban by J.K. Rowling limited, first edition for $10. There were two nice armchairs, seventy-five a piece, or a hundred-and-fifty for both. A couch for $100. They were beautiful bargains but unfortunately, already sold. My daughter found what she’d been looking for: a bean-bag chair for $2. She also found a bunch of paints and craft items. We found a poacher since she likes poached eggs.

There are so many things to find at these sales. I love summertime for this reason. All the sales, all the bargains. Next month is a big church sale that always has loads of furniture (which I replace my old, beaten things with, lol), clothing, and housewares. I’m looking for some floor fans. I’m also looking for desks to replace what I have now, stands, file cabinets, and organizers. They usually have exercise equipment as well though most of the time it’s out of my price range and is gone before the half-price day at the end of the three-day sale. There are people who travel from far and near for the sale.

Some pay extra to get a first pick of the items the night before the opening. I can’t afford to do that either, lol. It’s where I’ve gotten my couches in the past but this year, we’re going with chairs. I’d like to find a nice armchair to replace the one I have now. I’m good on bookshelves as I’ve gotten a lot of them from years before. Huge ones that hold a LOT of books. I’m looking to downsize our living room for now as we live in a cottage.

I do have my office in my living room though as there’s no room for it elsewhere. It’s kind of cramped but I’m hoping to make it less so in the future. So how about you? Do you go to any sales? Find any good bargains this year? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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