I Think This Week Happened and the Next One Is Coming

Legends of Windemere

When this goes live, I’ll still be in the big day of training for my summer job.  I’m writing this Friday night, so I don’t know what I’ve done or about to do.  This is actually the first day of training and I have something nearly every night this coming week.  I managed to avoid Friday night getting booked in order to recover and enjoy a weekend with my son that will include an autism-friendly showing of ‘Frozen’ on Broadway.  All of this is on top of tests at school.  Needless to say, I’m a little frazzled.

I haven’t had much time or energy to reduce my stress this week, so I’ve been really worn out.  I wanted to start another puzzle, but I ran out of glue and couldn’t find any more to clear the finished one from the table.  The new stuff didn’t arrive until Thursday night, so…

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